Bingo? Yes, bingo. Does it seem strange to you that we are talking about bingo? Well, you should know that it is one of the funniest games that has been played around the world for centuries.

Its objective? Of course winning, but above all having a fun time with more people or with friends or family. It is a game that has always been played in large groups and this is one of the reasons why bingo has acquired the image of a boring game suitable only for older people. But this image, in our opinion, is completely unjustified and has changed a lot in recent years.

Thanks to the advent of online bingo, this game is more popular than ever. Bingo is offered by most online casinos and is in high demand, among other things, because of how easy it is to play online. Think about a traditional bingo room, how much space, the amount of staff and infrastructure that is needed to develop the game? Now, with online, it is super easy. Each one from their home or in their favourite place, logs-in, connects and plays. You do not need more than an internet connection.

Nowadays, more and more bingo gatherings are moving to the Internet, and not only to play games but also to enjoy group play and conversation. As far as we are concerned, bingo is a timeless game and above all suitable for any type of person.

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Rules of the game of Bingo

The rules of bingo are quite simple but it will also depend on the game variant you choose. In general, the classic game of bingo requires at least two players and someone to draw the numbers and call the numbers out. It can happen that the same player performs both functions at the same time while playing.
Bingo is accessible to everyone and does not require prior knowledge as with other table games. In addition, bingo has a very social character and is a relaxing game that does not last long.

Regardless of the small differences that exist between the different variants, the general rules are as follows:

Each player receives one or more cards called tickets, either online or physically, with a certain amount of random numbers listed on it.

The person in charge draws a ball and calls the number that appears on it.

Each player must check if the said number appears on their card. If so, he/she must cross it out. In online bingo, the verification of the number is done automatically and if it is on the player’s card, it is automatically crossed out.

Depending on the bingo variants that are played there are several prize options ranging from the horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. But the ultimate goal, in any case, is to cross out all the numbers on the card and thus get Bingo!

Online bingo and Physical bingo

Online Bingo

Online bingo does not take place in a physical gaming space but in a virtual “room”, but basically the idea remains the same.

This type of bingo starts with a countdown and a limited time to buy tickets so that in this way the speed of the game is guaranteed. When the game starts, the numbers are clearly announced online and you can usually choose between the option to mark the numbers manually or automatically.

If you choose the automatic option, you will be able to buy and play more cards simultaneously. If a number that you have on one or more of your cards appears, it will be automatically marked without you running the risk of missing out on any. But although the manual dialing option is not so precise and you must be very attentive to the numbers that come out, it is a much more entertaining option and you will be more participatory.

Physical Bingo

As in the previous mode, the game also begins when all the players have bought their bingo cards. The bingo cards can have different designs but in all of them you will find numbers, distributed and numbered differently depending on the version of bingo in question.

Unlike online bingo, in this type of bingo the player must manually cross out the numbers that come up and match those on their card.

And at this point we have to say that although online bingo is very practical and comfortable to play from any point, in our opinion, it lacks the excitement and adrenaline that physical bingo offers with its rooms filled with emotion and tension, with the sublime and unrepeatable moment of singing “bingo” to then collect your long awaited prize.

Variants of Bingo

As in most casino games such as roulette or poker, in bingo we also find several variants. Here we explain some of the best known:

90-ball Bingo

90-ball Bingo which is also known as British or European Bingo, is the most famous and well-known version of bingo that is played with 90 balls. The numbers are called out, then crossed out on the respective cards. Bingo is won by whoever first manages to cross out all the numbers on their card.

In this mode, each card has 9 columns and 3 rows and a total of 15 numbers.

In each row there are 5 numbers and 4 blank squares. In the first column the numbers go from 1 to 10, in the second from 11 to 20, in the third from 21 to 30 and so on until the number 90 is reached.

This variant is always played in strips of 6 cards per round. The drum has 90 numbered balls to be drawn which is the same total of numbers on all 6 cards. In this way a bingo is sure to be always achieved.

There are three combinations that can give us profits and they are:

Line: when all the numbers in the same row are crossed out.

Double line: when all the numbers in two rows are crossed out. They do not necessarily have to be together, it can be the first and the third or the first two or the last two.

Bingo: when all the numbers on the card are crossed out.

As for the amount of the prizes, it will always depend on the price of the ticket in each game and the number of players who participate, although normally a minimum prize is established.

75-ball Bingo

75-ball Bingo is also known as American Bingo since it is the variant of bingo that is most played in America. As its name indicates, it is played with 75 balls and the cards used have 5 columns and 5 rows, with a total of 24 numbers as there is an empty square in the centre of the card. It is important that you know that this central box counts as a number that has already been crossed out. The word “BINGO” is written at the top of the cardboard and each letter is placed in a column.

How are the numbers distributed on the cardboard? Their distribution is not done randomly, but rather:

  • in the first column – letter “B”: 5 numbers between 1 and 15 will appear.
  • in the second column – letter “I” : 5 numbers between 16 and 30.
  • in the third column – letter “N”: 4 numbers between 31 and 45.
  • in the fourth column – letter “G”: 5 numbers between 46 and 60
  • and in the last column – letter “O”: 5 numbers between 61 and 75.

In this type of bingo you can win prizes by completing a line that can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal and as we have already mentioned above, the central box with no number counts as a marked number.

And of course you will get the jackpot if you manage to call out bingo, marking all the numbers on the card.

80-ball Bingo

80-ball Bingo is a bit different from 90 and 75 ball bingo but if you like both, you will soon fall in love with this version. This is a very colourful game and there are several possible ways to win. An 80-ball bingo card consists of 4 columns and 4 rows, and in each box you will find a number, therefore, a total of 16 numbers per card. Each column has a different colour, from left to right: red, yellow, blue, and white. The red column contains numbers from 1 to 20; the yellow from 21 to 40; the blue from 41 to 60 and the white from 61 to 80. The peculiarity of this type of bingo is that the colour of the column is announced before announcing the number that has just come out. In this variant there are several ways to win prizes.

  • Line: which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You must cross out all the numbers on the line.
  • Four corners of the cardboard or central square: if you manage to cross out the 4 numbers in the corners of the card, you will get a prize. You will also achieve this if you manage to cross out the four central numbers forming a square in the center of the card.
  • Two lines: you must cross out the numbers of two lines (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) of the card.
  • Three lines: clearly, it is three lines diagonally, horizontally or vertically that are needed to win the prize.
  • Bingo: and finally the jackpot which is achieved when the 16 numbers on the card are crossed out and is logically the highest prize.

30-ball Bingo

The best way to explain this type of bingo is by describing what the cards look like since each of them is a compact version of the 75-ball cards. Each card consists of 9 numbers distributed in 3 rows and three columns. The first column contains numbers from 1 to 10, the second from 11 to 20 and the third from 21 to 30.

This variant of bingo has swept all bingo lovers as it features a fast-paced game design that increases adrenaline and accentuates the excitement. By playing only 30 balls the game ends in a few minutes and so players can play more rounds in less time. The gameplay is basically the same as in the more traditional modalities, that is, manage to cross out all the numbers on your card and call out ‘Bingo!’ before any other player can.


This is a combination of bingo and slot machines. It was introduced in the 90’s in traditional casinos across the United States and now we can find it online in many casinos. If you are a lover of slots and also bingo, this combination of both will enchant you.

U-Pick’Em Bingo

This is a version of bingo that is very popular in America. In this variant the cards are made to measure, that is, the players get to pick their own numbers to form their cards instead of the pre-printed ones. It is fun to choose and play with your favourite numbers while waiting to see if they are announced so you can cross them out and call bingo.

Tips and tricks for playing Bingo

The first thing we want to make clear is that bingo is not a game of skill that depends solely on the player’s knowledge and strategy. Rather, it is a game of chance where luck and fate have the final say. This does not mean that you cannot adopt small strategies or behaviors to try to turn luck on your side.

Here are some tips and tricks:

Try the free versions: our first advice is that if you have never played bingo or if you are going to try a version that you do not know, take advantage of the opportunities that most online casinos offer you to play free and familiarize yourself with the game.

Know the rules well: the bingo rules are very simple and do not vary much between the different versions but we always advise you to read the conditions and know the specific rules of the version you are going to play. It will avoid little scares or surprises.

Set your own limits: one piece of advice we always give you is that before you start playing, assign yourself to a budget and respect it. Never play to recover lost money, it doesn’t work. Play for fun and entertainment. Not to make money.

Avoid crowds: a good tactic is to play in rooms and times where there are not too many players. The prizes may be smaller but they increase the chances of winning.

Jackpot bingos: they are very attractive but you have to bear in mind that it is not easy to win this type of prize since there is a lot of competition. Now that said, yes, if you are lucky enough to win one of these jackpots you will gain immense joy.

Do not buy too many cards: be very careful with the issue of cards. It is often thought that the more cards you buy, the more likely you are to win since you cover more numbers. On the other hand, it is also true that your budget will run out faster and you will have much less time to enjoy playing. It often happens that you are not able to control all the numbers being announced with all the cards you possess and you might miss one. That is why our advice is that you play only with the number of cards that you are able to control.

Our conclusion

We are sure that if you leave behind all the preconceptions that exist in relation to bingo when they say that it is boring; that it is obsolete and that it is only for retirees, you will discover a wonderful game that will hook you. A fun and social game, suitable for all audiences, allowing you to play with family and friends or join social groups relatable to you.

Initially, try to play bingo in a free version and know how it works with its rules. Always choose gaming platforms with a legal license and that offer all the necessary guarantees.

Play responsibly and cautiously but above all, for fun as a form of entertainment.

We are sure that if you try bingo, you surely play it again! Enjoy it.

Frequent Questions

What is “full house” in bingo?

The expression “full house” refers to the bingo card with all its numbers crossed out, that is, when all the numbers on the card have been announced, then you have “Bingo”.

How likely am I to win at bingo?

You can get an idea more or less of the odds you have of winning by doing the following division: divide the number of bingo cards sold by the number of cards you have bought.

For example: imagine that a total of 100 cards have been sold, of which you have bought 5, then we divide: 5/100 = 0.05 = 5%.

Can I play bingo online for free?

Yes, of course. Most casinos will offer you this possibility so that you can familiarize yourself with the game and practice before embarking on the adventure of investing your own money.

What factors influence the prize to be won?

Normally the prizes obtained in a game round vary depending on the number of players participating with the number of cards sold and the sale price of the card. The greater the amount, the greater the prize.

Are there jackpots or progressive jackpots in bingo?

The answer is yes. Now, most online casinos offer these types of prizes in bingo as they are increasingly in demand by players, sometimes reaching very attractive amounts.

Can you get welcome bonuses or other types of bonuses with online bingo?

Yes, with online bingo you will receive numerous offers to obtain different types of bonuses and as with the rest of online games, you will have a wide range to choose from.


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