We’re hiring! 

Well … not exactly just yet 😅

We are first and foremost fundraising to kickstart and accelerate the process of becoming a company.

But, we do already want to hear from you if you…

  • think Better World Casinos will be the most awesome affiliate company in the iGaming industry.
  • are passionate about ethical business and believe can make the online gambling industry more sustainable and transparent.
  • prioritize integrity and transparency and resonate with these core values.
  • support the idea of equitable salary distribution and align with the ethos of minimizing wage gaps.

We are already recruiting to create a database of potential team members so we can show our investors and partners how many people are eager to join a company that wants to disrupt business as usual.

Interested? At the bottom of this page is a link to a signup form, but please first carefully read the rest before you sign up.

Setting up operations

In the short term, we want to expand the team with the following roles:

  • Journalist / Bcorp, GRI and ESG experts that work on ESG/sustainability reviews and keep improving the review and reporting framework.
  • Copywriter & language strategist who can upgrade our content so it perfectly tells our story
  • Residents in the UK to review brands and create written and video casino reviews and sportsbook reviews.
  • PR / community and social media manager to help with publicity and community building

In the not-too-distant future, we need knowledge and skills related to:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Business administration
  • PR
  • Data Analysis
  • Site development & Design

Building a community

Whether you are a player, an employee, a concerned citizen, a regulator, a health care worker or any other type of stakeholder, you can be involved too!

We want to give anyone who wants to the opportunity to join the conversation and help spread the word. We are working on creating a special page and community platform for this, but until then, please contact us if you are interested.

Now for anyone who wants to join us, please read on!


Anyone who joins the team must 100% align with the company goals and values. The core values are integrity and transparency.

Transparency doesn’t mean sharing every detail. Transparency means providing the context for the decisions we make.


Most important is that there is no hierarchy and no management. Every person needs to be clear on their role and responsibilities and understand how his or her role depends on and relates to others. Everybody reports to everyone. There is no one who will manage you.

All people in the company need to respect and understand the value of transparency. Everything (except passwords and privacy-sensitive data) will need to be able to be made publicly available upon request. So everybody better be on their best behaviour and only act in the interest of the company goal. There is no room for selfishness or greed.


Skills need to fit the roles that need to be filled in the short and long term. We will invest a lot in finding the right candidate with the goal of her/him staying with us for a long time. So current skills need to fit current needs, but ambitions need to align with future needs too.

Salary & compensation

Now, this is a difficult topic. We have clear ideas about what we want and our B Corp certification ambitions come with certain requirements. But nothing has been formalised yet. With that being said, we are thinking

Currently, the site is being bootstrapped by Floris. There is no salary until there is enough revenue to pay for minimum operation costs and recover expenses made so far. Once there is revenue to split among operation costs and salary, we will split gains fairly with the whole team and our foundation (more on the foundation below).

We will only employ people essential to achieving the mission. Other tasks are outsourced to 3rd parties. Since every team member will be crucial it seems fair that everybody earns more or less the same because everybody’s role and contribution are equally essential. To give an indication, the average pay ratio for B Corps is 7:1 (the average pay ratio for all businesses is 144:1). For example that means the if the highest-paid senior gets €350.000 annually, the lowest-paid junior position earns a minimum of €50.000

How much is enough?

This question we will dedicate an entire post to in the future as there is a lot to be said about it.

All we know at this moment is that the goal is not to become millionaires. Money is a means to an end, not a goal in itself.

The goal is to earn as much money as possible for the Peas Unlimited Foundation, do good to the world and create opportunities for others to have a good life.

We need to aim to live within the planetary boundaries and reduce consumption. A good life requires some basics and money solves a lot of problems. But a good life and happiness are not found in material things, but rather in health, relationships and experiences.

We are thinking of calculating salary to an x amount of the median income of the country of residence based on experience and time with the company. And capping max salary based on that of a European court judge (up to €300k annually before taxes). If it’s good enough to compensate one of the most important jobs in the world, it should be good enough for us

Still interested? Sign up!

If after reading this page you still think BWC can be the ideal company to work for, then sign up via this link.

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