Welcome to the Better World Casinos (BWC) Archive page. In the spirit of our core values—transparency and integrity—we maintain this section to offer you a comprehensive history of our reviews. Here, you’ll find older versions of our iGaming company assessments, each replaced by a more up-to-date evaluation on our main site.

Why An Archive?

Transparency matters. We believe that showing you how our reviews evolve over time serves to:

  • Offer deeper context to current reviews
  • Showcase any shifts in ESG performance by iGaming companies
  • Maintain a record that could be vital for researchers, regulators, and conscious players

How to Use the Archive

The archived reviews are categorised by the date of their last update. Simply click on the company’s name to read the version you’re interested in.


Please note that the information in these archived reviews might be outdated and should not be considered as current advice or information. For the most recent assessments, please visit our main reviews page.

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