Betting strategies and betting systems

What are betting strategies?

Betting strategies are systems used by players when deciding how to bet. These strategies have been used for many years in all casinos around the world. 

It is clear that in games of chance, who has the final decision is the “Goddess of Fortune” and little can be done to calculate or predict the final result. 

But this does not mean that certain types of systems or strategies cannot be used to try to guide luck a little towards your side, or to control your game and extend your budget allowing you to play longer. 

It is true that there are players who prefer to play blindly without making calculations, predictions or using any type of strategy. They choose to bet by pure intuition and cross their fingers waiting for the desired number/s to come out. 

Oppositely, is the player who analyzes everything that happens in a gaming room and makes all kinds of calculations that allow him to predict the final result.

It is precisely because of this type of player that numerous betting systems or strategies have appeared over time and that today are known and used to a greater or lesser extent by all players.

What types of betting strategies are there?

There are many varied betting strategies, some more complicated or elaborate than others but equally valid when trying to improve your gaming system. 

There are distinct strategies for each specific game but they are also applicable to any type of gambling. Here we are going to summarize a little the best known strategies that can be applied to most games.

Martingale strategy

This strategy consists of doubling the bet as we lose until we manage to win and when we do, we return to the initial bet. For example: we make a bet of €5 and we lose. The next round we will have to bet €10 and if we lose again, on the next turn, we will have to bet € 20 and so on until we win. When we win we recover all the lost money and return to our initial bet.

The danger of this strategy is that if we have a bad streak and lose many times in a row, by doubling the bet we may have to wager very high amounts and there is no guarantee that we will win at least once.

Fibonacci strategy

As its name suggests, it is based on the sequence of Fibonacci numbers. This series begins with the numbers 0 and 1 and the remaining numbers in the series are obtained by adding the two previous numbers 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34… ..

If we apply this strategy to a game of chance, we will start by betting the amount indicated by the first number in the series (excluding 0) until we lose. Once we have lost, we go on betting the amount indicated by the second number in the series until we lose and so on till we win and recover all the money wagered. Every time we win we go back two numbers in the series and start over. 

D’Alembert strategy

Based on the theory of the famous mathematician D’Alembert also known as the “Law of Balance”. It is a pyramidal system based on balance, which in the field of gambling, could translate into a balance between losses and victories meaning after a defeat, a victory should come.

To apply this strategy, the first thing we must do is set an amount and establish it as a fixed unit. Then we make the first bet with only one unit. If we win, we continue with the same bet. If we lose, we will bet 2 units and if we lose again, we will increase another unit and so on until we win. Once we win, we will have to reduce the bet by one unit and in this way the balance between profit and loss is achieved.

Labouchère strategy

It is a slightly more complicated strategy to apply than the previous ones but equally easy to understand. It was invented by the British Henry Labouchère and is based on the idea that games of chance have a 50% chance of success or failure. If we toss a coin there is as much probability that it is heads as that it is tails. In other words, at the end of a certain period of time the heads face or the tails face will appear 50% of the time when the coin is thrown. 

In this strategy, the first thing we must do is decide what benefit we want to obtain. Then we will have to create a sequence of numbers whose final sum is that amount. For example, if we want to bet €20, the following sequence adds up to 20: 2-1-4-3-1-2-3-4. 

In the first place, we will bet the sum of the first and last digit of the sequence (2 + 4 = 6). If we win, we will erase both numbers from the sequence (that is 2 and 4). We will continue betting with the same system adding the first and last digit of the numbers remaining in the series. If we lose, we will add the number of the sum of the two figures at the end of the sequence that is 6 and we will continue betting with the sum of this final number and the first in the series. 

Our conclusion

As always, we like to give you our point of view on the topic discussed today, betting strategies.

It is very good to know them, know that they exist and be aware that the player who is close to you may be using them. But we must not obsess over them. They are not infallible and at no time will they give you control of the game. You can use them as an incentive to have more challenges or to increase your fun but not as a solution to your losing strike. 

So as always, we remind you to play for fun and not as a way to earn money as it doesn’t usually work.

Do it on a secure platform with a regulated license which offers you all the necessary guarantees. 

Play responsibly and with control, to entertain yourself and have a good time. 

Frequent Questions

Which betting strategy works best?

There is no strategy that works better or worse. As you already know, casino games are games of chance and fortune and not controlled with a strategy. Just give them a try and decide which one suits you best.

Do you need a lot of experience to apply a betting strategy?

Of course not, you simply must know the game to which you are going to apply the strategy to but you do not have to be an experienced player to be able to apply one or the other.

Are gambling strategies allowed in casinos?

Yes, betting strategies are allowed and can be applied individually in any casino.

Can using a betting strategy disadvantage me?

No, it won’t in any way. You simply decide whether or not you want to apply the calculations, follow a series or something else that involves strategy or simply opt to play without it.

Can betting strategies be used in all casino games?

Yes, they are applied in the vast majority of casino games that exist and they are to different degrees.

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