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This article talks about online gambling: placing bets at online casinos, sportsbook and poker websites. I urge everyone to play responsible, that players are of legal age and play in regulated markets only. Gambling as entertainment is okay as long as a person plays with his or her own disposable income. Please make sure to read the responsible gaming guide.

What if I told you that you could create change in the world by doing—nothing. That’s not entirely true—not “nothing”– but what if I told you that you could help create change by simply continuing to do what you are already doing.

It seems as though everywhere we turn these days, there is talk about “green” initiatives and sustainability. There is a tremendous focus on all the things that need to happen to help the planet. And, in the midst of these conversations, there is a long list of don’ts: don’t eat meat, don’t fly, don’t use single-use plastic, don’t buy fast fashion… And no matter how valid the list may seem, the constant stream of things we need to avoid can become a bit overwhelming. We all need to take a break every now and then.

For many people, online gaming is a popular way to take a break. It is an opportunity that is always easily accessible, to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time when the troubles of the world aren’t so immediate. We can enjoy our favourite games in comfort knowing that our gaming time is ours, and nothing can interfere with that.

But what if I told you that, as part of your gaming experience, just by enjoying your downtime the same way that you always have, you can be making a huge contribution to sustainability?

Don’t play at the best casinos, play at better casinos

Right now, gamers have a partnership with online gambling companies (casinos, sportsbooks, online lottery, poker rooms, etc): the companies promise consistent enjoyment in exchange for your patronage. That has always been a successful partnership and has built gaming into a substantial online community.

I want to take that partnership to the next level. I am expanding the partnership with online casinos and gaming companies so that a percentage of their profits will be turned around and invested in sustainable projects.

Think about that. While you are sitting back and relaxing, you can be contributing to projects that are focusing their resources on sustainability issues like reducing carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, poverty, pollution, and resource scarcity. While you are having fun at the online poker table, or playing slots, or betting on your favourite live match, you can also be helping to clean up the world’s oceans, and restore nature.

You might think, well, I don’t want to pay for that. But that is the beauty of this partnership: you are simply doing what you have always done—enjoying your entertainment time—only now, you are dedicated to choosing gaming companies and casinos that have made a commitment to sustainable business practices. And Better World Casinos is here to help you find those companies.

The Gamer as Conscious Consumer

My goal is to bring together the online gaming community so that it may be the catalyst for change: I want companies to conduct their business a little “greener.” An incredibly small percentage of the gaming world’s profits focused on sustainable projects can, and will, help in a very big way. And a big first step is making conscious choices to support companies dedicated to sustainability.

All I need from you is a simple click. 

The next time you are ready to relax and unwind, and it is time to hit your favourite games online, use my website to choose your next casino or online bookkeeper. You claim your bonus and place your bets while I use the commission I earn to help make a better world.

Say yes to my partner companies– the online gaming community that is choosing to step forward to make a change. You know the companies and you love their communities. Your fun doesn’t stop and your fun doesn’t change. But your choice helps to make a big difference.

Why not, right? It couldn’t be easier.

Go play at top-rated casinos, or keep on learning more about who I am, my story and why I do what I do, by reading this post in which I tell more about my story.

Disclaimer/ad disclosure: We earn money through affiliation. When clicking on a link that takes you to a casino or sportsbook site with whom we have a partnership, and you sign up, we receive a commission. This however doesn’t cost you anything and profits go to making the world better.

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