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Better World Casinos (BWC) is leading an ethical revolution in the online gaming industry. Our platform is more than a business; it’s a catalyst for change, using the power of gaming to promote environmental and social awareness. As we grow, our commitment to these values only deepens, ensuring that our impact is felt beyond the digital realm.

Our Progress

We are approaching significant milestones with a suite of operator and casino brand sustainability and ESG reviews that will set new standards in the industry. Our dedication to critical analysis of ESG efforts is distinguishing us as a frontrunner for responsible gaming advocacy.

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Why invest?

By investing in BWC, you are supporting a net-positive movement that integrates superior, value-driven content with a purpose that reaches far beyond the screen. We are creating a unique niche in a competitive market, where our commitment to authenticity and ethical practices sets us apart.

In line with recent developments, including the MGA’s focus on ESG, BWC is aligning its practices with these emerging standards, ensuring that our operations not only comply with but exceed industry expectations. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, anticipating regulatory shifts, and adapting our strategies to maintain our leadership position.

Investment Opportunities

We are currently looking for investment to enable scaling up of our efforts. We are confident that we can give our investors a generous return on investment (ROI). We can provide pitch deck and business case upon request.

Sustainable Growth and Stewardship

Our business model is designed around steward ownership and sustainable growth. We operate with a ‘purpose over profit’ philosophy, ensuring that our financial success contributes to our mission of promoting responsible gaming practices. We seek investors that are partners in this journey, and the returns we seek are measured not just in financial terms, but in the positive impact we aim to achieve.

Because of the type of business that we are setting up, we will not be giving voting rights to our investors in order to ensure that the mission and the vision of BWC can never be jeopardised for the goal to maximise profits.

Join Our Vision

We extend an invitation to like-minded investors who are eager to participate in a venture that promises not only financial returns but also the opportunity to be part of a transformative movement. Together, we can forge a future where the gaming industry is a leader in ethical business practices.

I you want to know more, or are ready to embrace the opportunity to be at the forefront of a gaming revolution with BWC, contact us today and, upon signing an NDA, we will send you our investors info pack which includes our pitch deck, financial projections, business model canvas and detailed roadmap and strategy.

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