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Casino bonuses are a very widespread marketing tool used in all land-based and online casinos. The aim is to attract new customers and of course retain existing ones. They are actual prizes offered by casinos in the form of redeemable money to play with, in the form of free spins or any other types of bonuses. Normally these bonuses carry conditions that must be met in order to redeem the prize. A few years ago these conditions were very demanding and almost impossible to comply with, but today and given the great competitiveness that exists among the wide range of casinos that exist, the conditions for compliance with the bonuses have been made more flexible until they become easily compliant by the players.

Types of bonuses

Casinos offer different types of bonuses, depending on the marketing campaign and the type of customer to whom they are directed. In this post we are going to try to explain how the different types of bonuses work, so that you will know how to differentiate them and how to choose the one that suits you best from all the available offers. 

Welcome bonuses 

Welcome bonuses are the most common and almost all casinos offer them to new customers as the name ‘Welcome’ suggests, they are offered only once. As a general rule to get this type of bonuses you have to register with all our data and once registered, the casino will offer the bonus that can be accepted or refused. Before accepting it, it is very important that you read the conditions that are required to be able to expend it and take the prize. Each casino will establish its own conditions and you will have to be the one to assess whether it suits you or not. In case you do not see it convenient, you can simply reject it. Registering does not force you to accept a bonus. 

Among the most common welcome bonuses you will find:

  • Welcome bonuses without deposit: 
    At first glance, they are the most striking welcome bonuses since they offer you a prize just for registering, without having to make a previous deposit. But keep in mind that they do not give you cash and availability to withdraw the prize immediately. It is money that is subject to compliance with the established conditions, that is (rollover, deadlines, maximum bets … etc.). These bonuses are not usually very advantageous because the prizes are not very high and the conditions are usually quite hard to meet. So many times you spend more of your own money than you will finally receive with the prize. An example: a welcome bonus of €50, without deposit and with a rollover of 10 (rollover: the number of times you must play the offered amount to be able to cash out). 
  • Welcome bonuses with deposit:
    Casinos offer these bonuses to new players for signing up and making an initial deposit. In this case, the casino offers a prize with a value of a certain percentage of the deposit made and up to an established maximum limit and with rollover-type betting conditions and time limits to release the prize.

    We give you an example so that you understand it better: you register and make your first deposit of €100 and the casino offers a bonus of 100% of the deposit made but to get this prize you have a rollover of 10. So you will have to bet  €100 x10 times before obtaining the €100 prize offered by the casino and all within the established period. 
  • Welcome bonuses by sections:
    These types of bonuses offer you bonuses at different times, that is, you will not get the entire prize at first. There are different modalities, some of them offer you a percentage of a first deposit and once this is released, they offer you another percentage of a second deposit until when that is also released until  a third. This way you will get the bonuses in different phases. Another modality are bonuses that offer you a fixed amount of bonus without the need for an initial deposit, but that you will receive in phases once you complete the required wagering requirements.

    Slot bonuses are becoming more and more popular among players and you will find more and more casinos that offer them and that are adapting or modifying them according to their market. 
  • Free spins welcome bonuses:
    If you are a lover of slot machines, surely these types of bonuses will be your favourite. Most of the casinos offer them on their different slot machines and they are in high demand among players. You just have to register and get the bonus, which like the rest will be subject to betting conditions, more or less complicated, to be able to release the free spins. 

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses do not necessarily have to be welcome bonuses (i.e. those offered to new customers for signing up). They can also be bonuses offered to existing customers which are part of the casino’s loyalty policy. In other words, customers who invest their money and who play regularly in the casino are rewarded. They work in a similar way to the deposit welcome bonuses, the customer makes the required deposit and the casino offers a bonus for a fixed amount or a proportional part of the deposit made. Once the established wagering requirements are met, the bonus will be available to the player.

This type of bonus is very popular in all casinos, which offer them periodically to their most loyal players, sometimes they are monthly, other times weekly but they can even be daily.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are highly demanded by players but they are not always as beneficial as they seem. They are bonuses offered by casinos either as a bonus for a new registration or as a marketing campaign to promote new games or products. This type of bonus does not require you to make a deposit to obtain it, but it does have wagering conditions that must be fulfilled to release it (rollover, terms, maximums, etc.). And although it can be very attractive to obtain a bonus without having to make an initial deposit, they usually have quite hard betting conditions to meet and the prizes are not usually as large as those of other deposit bonuses. For this reason and as we constantly repeat, before accepting a bonus, read its conditions carefully and in detail.

Cashback or cashback bonuses

This type of bonus, as its name suggests, reimburses the player for a percentage of the losses he has had in a certain period of time. They are, so to speak, a consolation prize for a bad streak to last less. 

There are payback bonuses that return money to the player for a percentage of accumulated losses either daily, weekly or monthly. Let’s give an example so that you understand it better: a casino offers a refund of 10% of the losses that a player has had during a whole week, so if the player has lost a total of €200, the casino returns €20 . 

This return can be money directly entered into the player’s account and available to be withdrawn or a bonus of the same amount that cannot be withdrawn but is valid only to continue playing.

In any case, these bonuses are usually a long-awaited prize when you find yourself immersed in a bad streak and most casinos offer them to their customers for their loyalty. 

Our tips

Finally, we are going to give you some small tips that you can take into account before accepting or deciding on one bonus or another: 

  • The wagering requirements: it is mainly these requirements that will make you decide whether to accept the bonus or not. Knowing the rollover and the rest of the wagering conditions is essential. 
  • Find out if there is a maximum profit cap when you play the bonus. 
  • Check if the offered bonus is available for the type of casino games you are looking for. 
  • Also find out about the time periods established by the conditions of the voucher.
  • And of course, always play responsibly and on duly authorized platforms that meet all the legally established requirements.

Frequent questions

What is rollover?

It is the number of times you must play the offered bonus before you can use it.

Do the bonuses expire?

The bonuses are not always available. They are promotions that have a time limit to be played and if they are not used before the indicated date, they will expire.

If I register and they offer me a welcome bonus, am I obliged to accept it?

Of course, you are under no obligation to accept a welcome bonus if you don’t want it or if you don’t think it suits you. To play in an online casino, you are obliged to register but not to accept the bonuses or promotions that they offer you.

How do I know whether or not to accept a bonus?

As we have mentioned above, you should always study the wagering conditions of the bonus before accepting it (its rollover, its terms, its maximum winnings, etc.) and see if they are feasible and it pays to accept them to release the bonus.

What is the best type of bonus?

Till now, we can tell you that there is no better voucher than another. This assessment is totally subjective and you will have to be the one who, based on your tastes, budget and objectives, determine which voucher is better for you and which is not.

Are there bonuses without wagering requirements?

Some casinos do offer them but they are not very common bonuses since they are bonuses that give you a prize without demanding anything in return and are usually not easy to find. They are also known for their English terminology “No wagering bonus”.

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