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We are constantly looking for casino and sportsbook operators to review. As you can read in our ‘how we rate’ post, we don’t only review and rate your casino product but we also evaluate your company's role in society and how it performs on ESG. 

Why we want you to join us

We hope that you are aware that the world is in crisis. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are causing climate change. Pollution and habitat destruction are causing mass extinction and a biodiversity collapse. We will face huge challenges and If we don’t act now then our problems will become a lot worse. People all over the world will suffer in ways we don ‘t want to imagine. We’re talking about huge amounts of climate refugees looking for a new home, feeding the world with less arable land, and the challenge of living a healthy life without plastic reaching our blood and without the risk of another pandemic

Humans are amazing at solving problems but it requires willpower and resources. Since there is so much money being earned in the gambling industry, we believe that it’s only fair that part of that money is used to speed up the change to a fair and sustainable world.

So join the movement and let’s make the iGaming industry more sustainable and together work on achieving the Sustainable Goals set by the United Nations

This is a way to distinguish yourself from other brands. Because, let’s face it, almost all operators offer the same games and user experience. And there is only so much bonus you can give to players while maintaining profitable. 

How to get your brands on our site

We will list anyone who wants to be on our site. But know that our review will be honest and detailed.

We will praise the companies that show proof that they are a responsible part of society and doing their best to make the world better. The ones who do the most we will reward with top positions on our site. 

The companies that are least transparent and give us the impression that they are only in the business for a few people to get rich and live lives without consideration for the rest of the world and with big ecological footprints, we will call out and convince our site visitors to choose other brands instead. 

To be considered for partnership, fill out this form

The form has questions and we need your answers for our review. The questionnaire is divided into 4 parts:

  • Company information, basic information about the market brand operates, licences, company size, who is CEO, etc. 
  • Products and services where we ask about game verticals, payment methods, customer support hours, etc.
  • Sustainability, divided into 3 topics: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) where we look at reporting of current and past results as well as goals and ambitions.
  • Contact details in order to be in touch with the affiliate manager as well as contact with the company spokesperson, or preferably sustainability officer, for questions about company ESG.

Comments or questions? Get in touch now!

You can always contact us via email ([email protected]) and Skype.

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