Craps is a casino game that you might have encountered in many iconic movie scenes. Picture the typical casino scene with a crowd of people around a gaming table and a person throwing the dice against the mat. Well, that famous game is called Craps.

In this guide we will explain in a simple way how this game is played, what type of bets can be made and we will also give you some tips and tricks to improve your gaming experience.

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How do you play Craps?

The first thing you should know is that it is a game of chance that is played with two dice that are thrown on a gaming table where you also place your chips on to place a bet or bets. The objective is to come out with the desired number you bet on based on the result of the sum of the two thrown dice.

Craps table

This game takes place on an oval-shaped table where you will find all the different boxes and the various options that exist to make any type of bet that is allowed in this game. The same table is where the dice will always be thrown.

At first glance, if you do not know anything about Craps, the table can be a little intimidating at first with all the numbers and boxes to place your different bets on. As we go deeper into how to play Craps, we will also explain the game table and you will see that it will no longer seem so confusing.

Game rules

Up to twelve players can play on a Craps table and all of them can bet at the same time, not just the one who is rolling the dice. Each player will be able to roll the dice after a round is finished following turns in a clockwise fashion.
To start the game, you must place a first bet in the “Pass Line” box or in the “Don’t pass bar” box and then roll the dice across the table to hit the back wall. This is called the “Come Out Roll”.

If you bet on “Pass Line” three different situations can occur:
If you hit a 7 or 11 on the first roll (which is called a ‘Natural’), you automatically win the bet and get to roll again.

However, if your score is 2,3 or 12 (known as craps numbers), you automatically lose your bet but still continue to roll.

Given that the sum of the dice totals to a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10, the dealer will place a button with “ON” written on it in the box with the number indicated on the table. For example, if the result is a 3 and a 1 therefore resulting in 4, the dealer will put the button on the 4 on the table and from that moment on, this number will be called “Point”. From here, you must keep rolling the dice until you get the “Point” again (i.e. 4 again) and if it comes out, you win the bet. If before the “Point” a 7 comes out, you will automatically lose the bet and the round is over. It is important to know that once a “Point” has been set you will be able to increase your bet.

  • If you bet on “Don’t pass bar” different situations can occur which are the opposite of the “Pass Line” options. That is to say:
  • If you roll a 2 or a 3 on the come out roll, you automatically win.
  • If, on the other hand, you roll a 7 or an 11, you automatically lose.
  • If you roll a 12, it is a tie/push.
  • And if you get a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 a “Point” is established for the number and contrary to when betting on the “Pass Line”, if you get a 7 before repeating the “Point”, you win.

Also, as independent and initial bets, you can choose to bet on:

“Field” which is the box on the table with the word “Field” written in it. This box has two circles at each side of it with the number 2 written in the left circle and the number 12 on the right circle. These circles are paid double and you will also notice in between these circles the written numbers 3,4,9,10,11. Well, if you place your chip in the “Field” box and any of those numbers appear, you win but if any other number appears, you lose your bet.
“Big 6 and Big 8” you can also make initial bets by placing a chip or chips on a big 6 and/or a big 8 situated at the two corners on the table mat. If the number 6 or 8 comes out depending on which one you placed your bet on, you automatically win but if you get a 7, you lose. If the rest of the numbers come up, nothing happens except that you keep rolling until you get a 6, an 8 or a 7.

You can only bet on “Come” and “Don’t come bar” boxes, if you previously betted on “Pass Line” or “Don’t pass line”. That is, initial bets cannot be made in these two areas.

How do they work?

  • “Come” (it is the same principle as in “Pass Line”):
  • if you get a 7 or an 11, you win
  • if you get a crap 2,3 or 12, you lose
  • If you get another number (i.e. 4,5,6,8,9,10) it is placed as “Point”, working in the same way as in “Pass Line”
  • “Don’t come bar” is the same principle as in the “Don’t pass bar”

We must bear in mind that for the “Come” bets to be active, it is absolutely necessary that a “Point” be set with the “On” button placed on a number (as explained above). In case there is no “Point” set and the button is in “Off” mode, this betting area will be disabled until a new “Point” is set. In other words, if you see the “On” button on the table, you know you can pass to place a secondary bet on the “Come” and “Don’t Come Bar”.

The “Proposition bets” are the bets located in the centre of the table which is yet another area where you have a bunch of other different betting options to bet on. You will realise that these are the bets that are paid the most but not necessarily wise to bet on. In each of the options and depending on each casino, you will find written on the table how much they pay out. Some of the bets are as follows:

  • You can bet that two doubles will come out, this is what is called a hard bet.
  • You lose if a seven comes out or if the sum of the two doubles comes out but in a different combination, which is called a simple combination. That is, you win if a 2 + 2 comes out but not if a 3 + 1 comes out, although it also adds up to 4.
  • You can bet on one of the craps numbers.
  • Or you can bet that a 7 or 11 comes out directly.

Bet payouts

Not all the bets in Craps are paid in the same way. It very much varies depending on the difficulty and the probabilities of each bet. We leave you a small table of how the most common bets are paid.

  • Bets on “Pass Line” and “Don’t pass bar” are paid 1:1
  • Bets placed on “Come” are paid as follows:-
  • Numbers 4 or 10 are paid 2:1
  • Numbers 5 or 9 are paid 3:2
  • The numbers 6 or 8 are paid 6:5
  • Bets placed on the “Don’t come bar” are paid as follows:-
  • Numbers 4 or 10 are paid 1:2
  • Numbers 5 or 9 are paid 2:3
  • The numbers 6 or 8 are paid 5:6
  • Bets placed on “Field” are paid as follows:-
  • The numbers 3,4,9,10,11 are paid 1:1
  • Numbers 2 and 12 are paid 2:1
  • Big 6 or Big 8 bets are paid 1:1

Our tips and tricks

Now that you know a little more about this exhilarating game, you surely are looking forward to trying it out to place what you have learned into practice and see how much more you can learn. Here are some little tips for you to have a exciting gaming experience:

The game of craps is not difficult at all. You just need a little practice and become familiar with it to understand it perfectly. That is why we advise you that until you master the game, look for the option to play in free mode to practice and learn without having to bet your money until you are really ready to play with real money.

It is also fundamental to look for online casinos that have the legal license granted by the competent body in each jurisdiction. In this way, you are sure that it meets all legal requirements and offers you full guarantee and protection.

Play responsibly, always for fun and as a form of leisure.

Assign a budget to play and always respect it. Do not invest more money than planned and do not try to get out of a losing streak by betting more money.
So now our guide to playing Craps is now in your hands. Have fun betting with Craps and good luck with rolling the dice and achieving your desired combinations!

Frequent Questions

What are the craps numbers?

They are the numbers 2, 3 and 12

In the game of Craps can the person that throws the dice bet?

No, all players can bet even if it is not their turn to roll the dice.

Can I bet on “Come” when starting a Craps game, as a starting roll?

No, to activate the “Come” area you must first have made an initial bet in the “Pass Line” or “Don´t pass bar” options.

What is a hard bet?

It is a bet that is obtained when equal numbers appear in the two dice, for example: 4 + 4 is a hard 8.

What is a single bet?

It is a bet that results in obtaining the sum of the two dice without the numbers being the same, for example 5 + 3 is a simple 8.

Can I play Craps for free?

Of course you can. You will find the Craps game in free mode at most online casinos.

What is a “Point” in Craps?

It is the number that results in the initial play when it is not won or lost because the numbers indicated for it did not come out. The number that comes out is marked as “Point” and to win you will have to repeat it before you get a 7.


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