In our quest to make the world a better and more sustainable place, many wonder how we can make a difference in our daily lives. Big and small corporations, also gambling companies, play a significant role in global sustainability. As consumers, we should seek out businesses dedicated to positive change. To help us evaluate companies and their commitment to sustainability, we have a valuable tool called ESG.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. It’s a way to assess and grade how a company behaves in line with sustainable goals. ESG considers all the aspects that matter for sustainability.

Environmental Concerns

These include environmental concerns like climate change, energy use, and how companies handle raw materials.

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Social Concerns

Social issues focus on stakeholders’ well-being, workforce diversity, human rights, and consumer protection.

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Corporate Governance

This looks at how companies are organized and operated. It includes their mission statements, values, culture and dedication to achieving their goals.

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Exploring ESG in Gaming and iGaming

I dive into these three pillars of sustainability in several articles which I linked to above. I explore how they relate to global industries and, more specifically, how they apply to the gaming and iGaming industries. I aim to better understand ESG in gaming and iGaming so I can focus on what these goals mean for sustainable gambling.

Beware of Greenwashing

Before I get started, you should know a vital term: Greenwashing. Corporations are often driven by the desire to maximize profits, which can lead them to do only the minimum required by the law.

Many companies, through their public relations efforts, might present themselves as leaders in sustainability, even if they’re doing the bare minimum or are simply meeting legal requirements. This misleading tactic is called greenwashing.

Greenhushing: the antithesis of greenwashing

Where some companies make themselves look greener, there are also companies that kind of do the opposite and don’t speak out about their sustainability practices. This phenomenon, known as “greenhushing,” occurs when firms deliberately downplay or stay silent about their environmental efforts to avoid accusations of greenwashing or due to fear of not meeting their ambitious sustainability targets.

Factors such as lack of confidence in communicating complex sustainability issues, concerns over financial returns from green marketing, and potential negative perceptions of sustainable changes contribute to this trend.

Greenhushing not only hinders societal progress in addressing climate change by limiting public awareness and inspiration for greener choices but also affects the companies’ ability to distinguish themselves in a market increasingly sceptical of hollow environmental claims.

The Mission: Celebrating True Commitment to Sustainability

We are looking for online gambling companies that go above and beyond what’s required and celebrate those companies that take the social and environmental goals of ESG to the next level. I aim to support and promote businesses contributing to a more sustainable future.

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