Transforming banking in the gambling industry: How MotherTree Can Make a Difference

Dan Sharrard-Smith: Founder and CEO of MotherTree
Dan, the Founder and CEO of MotherTree

The intersection of the gambling industry and environmental sustainability might not be obvious at first glance, but beneath the surface, there’s a profound connection through the banking sector. Traditional banking practices, deeply intertwined with the operations of gambling companies, harbor a “dirty little secret”: a substantial carbon footprint, primarily due to massive investments in the fossil fuel industry.

MotherTree, spearheaded by visionary founder and CEO Dan Sherrard-Smith, emerges as a pioneering force, advocating for a shift towards sustainable banking, unveiling a path where even the gambling industry can partake in fostering a greener planet.

The Carbon Cost of Conventional Banking

Dan’s journey with MotherTree began with a realisation of this unsustainable banking paradigm and its widespread implications. By meticulously identifying banks that either propel or hinder environmental sustainability, MotherTree offers a beacon for businesses to realign their banking needs with their ethical and environmental values. The platform distinguishes “green” banks, committed to renewable energy and sustainable projects, from those with hefty investments in the fossil industry.

The major UK banks have put into fossil fuel since 2016:
£367.25 Billion

Source: Banking on Climate Chaos

A Table of Choices: From Bad to Good

MotherTree’s research sheds light on a spectrum of banking institutions, categorizing them based on their environmental impact. The below table contrasts banks with notable investments in fossil fuels against those championing sustainable financing, guiding gambling operators towards making informed, environmentally conscious banking decisions. 

Note: the below list is not exhaustive and MotherTree researches banks globally.

Image source:

The Potential Impact on Gambling Operators

For gambling companies, the transition advocated by MotherTree could serve as a crucial pivot towards sustainability. By opting for banks listed as environmentally friendly, these operators can significantly reduce their indirect environmental impact, aligning more closely with the rising demands of consumers for ethical practices. This shift not only enhances their CSR profile but also positions them as frontrunners in the industry’s green revolution.

What can MotherTree do for gambling operators?

MotherTree stands as a transformative ally for gambling operators and businesses seeking a greener future. As a sustainability advocate, it consults and partners with enterprises to overhaul their banking relationships towards eco-friendly alternatives. This strategic shift enables these companies to significantly lower their environmental impact, aligning their operations with the global movement towards sustainability. MotherTree’s role could be pivotal in guiding the gambling industry to adopt banking practices that support environmental health, demonstrating a commitment to ethical financial management and a cleaner planet.

Better World Casinos choice: Triodos.

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By choosing banks that prioritize the planet, gambling operators can significantly reduce their footprint

Check out MotherTree website and make the change!

The journey towards sustainability is complex, but with MotherTree’s guidance, the gambling industry has a unique opportunity to mitigate its environmental impact significantly. By choosing banks that prioritize the planet, gambling operators can contribute to a larger movement of change, steering the world towards a greener, more sustainable future. Let’s bank on a greener future, together.

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