I take transparency very seriously as I believe that being transparent is essential for being accountable and being accountable is prerequisite number one for being sustainable. Read more about this on my about page.

In order to put my money where our mouth is, I have dedicated a page on my website to the topic where you will be able to find anything there is to know about how I do my business. I intend to keep this page updated as my business develops.

As I am still in the startup phase, there is not much to show and tell, but… Before the end of 2023 I expect to be a fully registered company and have an official B Corp Pending status. I will publish my annual report according to the GRI standards and share my B Impact Assessment profile here.

So far

I started working on Better World Casinos in 2021. The current website is version 2.2 and went live at the end of March 2022.

  • June 2022: about 100 sessions a month
  • Q4 2022 I realized that trying to build a multi language and multi market website alone was too much and too hard for one person alone. To make this project work I needed to focus. Therefore I have restructured the website and content and for the foreseeable future will only focus on the UK market. Removing all the Spanish content from the site resulted in a large drop of organic keywords and traffic and currently the websites only receives a couple of visits per week.


So far I have spend:

  • Content:
    • most content has been written by myself with the help of some friends and tools.
    • for a couple of blog posts I have paid professionals, and spent approximately €3000
  • Domain and hosting:
    • I host my website with Not the cheapest, but they have very similar values when it comes to sustainability and transparency, as can be read in their Sustainability Report. I currently pay for Greenhost Professional 1 + extra domain: €119 excl VAT annual.
  • Energy:
    • Currently I don't calculate any energy costs because I run BWC from my home offices from where I also run my SEO agency Coherentes which takes up about 80% of my time. UPDATE December 2022. My energy supplier was the local cooperative: AstuEnerxía but due to the rise in prices since the Ukraine war started, this became too expensive (strange how sustainable energy becomes more expensive when the gas prices rise…) hence I had to change to a cheaper supplier. Once BWC creates enough revenue I will likely switch back to the most sustainable local provider.
  • Software
    • Some professional WP plugins and SEO tools that I also use to run our SEO agency and client websites.
  • Wages: so far €0,00

Total spend: less than €4.000 (last updated April 4, 2023)


Total revenue generated: €0,00 (last updated April 4, 2023)

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