Partnership with SG:certified

Today is my birthday and I have a great birthday gift! 

I am proud and super happy to officially announce the partnership with SG:certified. 

SG:certified, SG stands for ‘sustainable gambling’, assesses and audits businesses in the online gambling industry to showcase and improve their ESG and CSR performance. 

They have the same goals as I do with Better World Casinos, namely to accelerate the adaptation and integration of truly sustainable and CSR practices in the online gambling industry. Not merely as a marketing tool to try to look good, but to “do good by doing better”. 

Better World Casinos’ main focus is on the players and guiding them to the most sustainable and CSR casino business. SG:certified aims its services at those businesses with the goal to “promote sustainability in the gambling industry by streamlining compliance, promoting safer gambling and delivering top-notch results”. 

They provide a platform and marketplace to bring together the best tools and experts to simplify the process and drive positive impact.

In their own words, they are: “Leading the Charge for Sustainability”

The team of SG Certified consists of “a dynamic group of individuals who see each other and everyone they work with as individuals with unique personalities, skills, strengths, and passions. [they are] A blend of tech-savvy digital natives, experienced innovators, curious engineers, tech-focused marketers, geeks, and more, all united by their passion for sustainability. Working tirelessly to help companies in the gambling industry have a positive impact on the world.” ( 

The perfect group of people to partner up with! Through our partnership, I will be better equipped to guide players to casino brands and operators who want to be leaders when it comes to the transition to a fair and sustainable world. 

Later this year we will publish a ranking of businesses’ ESG performance. To stay up to date, follow SG:certifed on Linkedin, and follow me via Twitter or Linkedin, or sign up for my newsletter

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