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This article talks about online gambling: placing bets at online casinos, sportsbook and poker websites. I urge everyone to play responsible, that players are of legal age and play in regulated markets only. Gambling as entertainment is okay as long as a person plays with his or her own disposable income. Please make sure to read the responsible gaming guide.

Gateway to state-of-the-art gambling entertainment

We want to be your gateway to state-of-the-art gambling and gaming entertainment by building partnerships with online gaming companies that care, not only about profit, but about people and the planet.

How do we go about working with these companies?

On our website, we publish casino reviews. There are hundreds of online casinos and new ones popping up every month. Most casinos and online gaming sites are owned by a handful of companies, yet if we tried to oversee and review all those companies every year, we would be overwhelmed. A review is necessary to guarantee that the proposed sustainable practices are adhered to. Therefore, we started with shortlisting the biggest, most famous, and most successful casino brands as the starting point in our review process. 

We will lead by example

What will we do with the revenue generated by our work?

After covering all business expenses including becoming a zero carbon emitting company and paying all our employees and suppliers fair wages and enabling them to do the same, all surplus profits will be put into a fund which will then invest in projects. These projects will cover a wide array of sustainability issues in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Renewable energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Health
  • Education

As well as working to overcome:

  • Resource Scarcity 
  • Inequality 
  • Overconsumption 
  • Poverty

How do you know that you can trust us?

Again, we set an example. At BWC, we live by a code of both transparency and accountability. We are dedicated to regular reporting of our business interactions, earnings, and the distribution to the funds that will use those monies to help create change. We are also open for feedback and discussions on how to better our processes. 

Internally, we have a salary cap as well as profit cap for the company itself.

Perhaps the most important step taken to ensure trust between BWC, the companies with whom we work, and the people who come to us to help create change, is that we are taking steps to achieve B Corporation status.

B Corp is certification is attained once a company has passed a rigorous assessment to prove that its policies and processes are all guided by and dedicated to social and environmental performance.

At the core of certification are transparency and reporting requirements.

B Corp status is not a simple thing to achieve, and we are working hard to finish the process. We recommend that you read a little more about B Corps and the assessment process so that you can better understand the level of dedication that we are bringing to this project.

We welcome your questions and your comments. Your confidence is of the utmost importance so that BWC can succeed and help bring about the changes in global sustainability that are necessary to ensure a bright future.

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